Often the hardest thing about pursuing your creative urges is hushing the voices of judgement and distraction

Can I really CATAPULT?

Those voices can come from within and from outside. Simultaneously. No wonder your creative inklings stay buried in your brain.

If you want artistic clarity, you’ve got to learn to trust yourself

That kind of clarity needs a process. It starts here.

I’m going to let you in on a secret: you’ve already got all the answers, even if you don’t know it yet.

Just take a moment and let that really sink in.

Gaining clarity on your ideas (and knowing which ones to nurture and which ones to hard-prune) is about tapping into your own intuitions. We’ve all had gut feelings about our colourful ideas; it can be a pretty primal experience.

It can also activate a whirlwind of mind-chatter when you start trying to make sense of how you’ll translate them from amorphous fog to invigorating reality. So how do we tap into those feelings without allowing ‘life’ to muddy the process? 

Imagine having a kernel of an idea with zero clue how to feed it, then being able to zone in on the gold and be confidently led by your intuition so as to freely toss the rest – quickly.

You might have the idea, indeed the kind of mind that bears orchards of ideas, yet you leave them dangling in tangled vines and branches with a wistful heart knowing you could build them into great things—but not have access to the support or foresight to bring them to fruition.

Our complicated world needs your artistic ideas and expressions to be brought forth.

‘Katy Abbott has a gift in that she listens to people and then responds to them in a way suited to their own unique, individual natures. This is very rare. It is a quality that informs her music, which is characterised by an emotional honesty that connects people from diverse backgrounds. Artists often have numerous projects in their lives. Spending an hour talking to Katy not only clarifies that kaleidoscope. She gives a genuinely caring perspective that can help to change old habits for the better’

Coady Green, Concert Pianist

And now it’s time to give your creative inklings a voice. 

‘Katy has such a warm manner. She was rigorous with her treatment of my raw ideas, but supported me in bringing them to a cohesive whole’.


‘Katy is no bullshit or business jargon. 
She’s great. 5 stars!


The Holistic Artist: CATAPULT

 A one-to-one and small group 6-month mentoring container for emerging and established creatives and artists, knowing they want to take a leap.  Think of me as your artistic PT (personal trainer).

CATAPULT is designed to shift you from paralysis, hesitancy or I-dont-know-how-to-get-where-I-want-to-go, to being a courageous creative who realises goals. It’s less ‘hand-holding’ and more about supporting and guiding you to reclaim your power – so you can boldly go forth and apply your learnings any time you’re at a crossroads artistically. We do this together IRL (in real time and in real life).

If you are not ready to CATAPULT (just yet), take a look at The Holistic Artist: THRIVE (a 6-week online course)

The Holistic Artists: CATAPULT is delivered as a 6-month mentoring container ‘by invitation only’.  It supports artists already on their way, to get where they are going with lightness and ease, full support, with 1:1 and very small group mentoring.  It’s unlike any other artist mentoring program and it’s designed to support you to CATAPULT in the right direction for you.

But, why work with me?

Composing taught me the delicate balance of nuanced details and big picture outcomes, and my background in education means I can teach you the very same. You don’t have to be a musician to benefit—I bring depth of experience working and walking in the uncertain terrain of creativity, which translates to artistic prowess in many fields.

I will teach you the fundamentals of how to tap into your intuitions and ask yourself the right questions to unearth the gold within. Once you’ve nailed the ‘how’ of this system, you’ll have a rock-solid foundation upon which to nurture and expand your ideas.

And that’s when you’ll get to surf the sheer thrill of bringing all your sparkling ideas to life.

End self-sabotage, confusion and the perfectionism trap.

Begin moving forward with creative freedom.

CATAPULT will support you to:

  • Avoid burnout, laboured decision-making and chronic over-thinking
  • Achieve creative integrity by merging ideas with your core values
  • Dream bigger by aligning your head, heart and intuition
  • Shake off impostor syndrome inducing bad habits and negative self-talk
  • Weed out, and put words to, those elusive inklings
  • Birth your artistic aches into real life projects
  • Take deliberate and calculated steps towards your goals
  • Ask the right questions of yourself in order to tap into hidden answers
  • Trust yourself enough to take fear by the hand and move beyond limitations AND
  • CATAPULT is structured to fully support you while you do this IN REAL TIME.

Katy’s approach was authentic and insightful and just what I needed when creating a new business… each time we meet she continues to provide ‘food for thought’.
Audrey, small business owner

How do I find out more or sign up for CATAPULT?

Send an email with your expression of interest

Contact katy @ dinner for Breakfast

What’s in the CATAPULT box?

** 6-month artist container

** one-to-one artist mentoring with Katy Abbott

** one – small group artist mentoring

** 24/5 support with Katy Abbott

** monthly focus topics

** expert guests

** monthly payments or pay in-full

Contact me here when catapult begins, I'd like to know more.

How To Mine Gold is not just for artists and creatives, but anyone with a seed of an idea that they want to nurture into being.

If you’re facing roadblocks, can’t figure out a path from where you are to where you want to be, or don’t have the confidence to put your stuff out into the world, this is for you.

In keeping with Dinner For Breakfast’s ethos, honesty and budget: the 1:1 consult may not be for you.

But that’s okay, don’t go anywhere just yet.

If you’re the type to sit and watch for a little while first, or if your schedule is a bit all-over-the-shop or the timing is not quite right, consider the online course over here instead.

Still uncertain? Get in touch with me here and see which option is best for you.


How can a composer be helpful in a non-musical artistic practice or even more obscure, a start-up business?

Composers are skilled at looking at the macro and the micro together in order to create works that have a cohesive structure, while handling the nuance and complexity at a micro level. Think of it as a zoom out / zoom in idea in a similar way an author would write a novel – structuring the larger work whilst combining detail and development of plot, characters and pacing.

This, combined with almost 30 years teaching from high school through to postgraduate students and mentoring in the Australian arts industry, being a parent of three teens, and creating her own sustainable practice, Katy’s unique approach will illuminate the issues, challenge your assumptions and help you realise your goals in a way that is authentic to you.

What is Katy’s point of difference in helping me move forward?

Katy’s superpower is breaking down complex situations into the essence of things and combining a human perspective on an artistic or business issue. She brings forth the neglected perspectives in a discussion, then provides the space for examination and expression so the resulting ideas are practical. Katy believes in sustainable practices—that ‘life is long’ and her methodologies are tailored to you and your long-term visions.

How will this work if I’m outside of Australia?

Dinner For Breakfast has a ‘can-do’ attitude and besides, I’m an early bird. This means I can work across New Zealand, UK and Canada/USA time zones.

Do you do small group coaching with BYO groups?

Absolutely! Groups welcome if you have colleagues or friends you’d like to take the journey with you (3 – 5 people / group) Please email hello@dinnerforbreakfast.com.au to find a mutually convenient time. 

What kind of people do you work with?

I work with all kinds of people but generally  feel right  at home  working with people are:

  • highly sensitive people (HSP’s)
  • introverts
  • established artists
  • parents of tweens wanting to create time to be more creative
  • working with your persistent inkling
  • women in the arts
  • living with imposter syndrome
  • finding clarity in decision making / conundrums

What time will the calls be?

How To Mine Gold calls are generally Thursdays and Fridays AEDT.  If you have a BYO group of 3-5 people we can of course accommodate another mutually convenient time. Send me an email here.

I’m not sure this is perfect for me. How else can I work with you?

I also offer an online course open to enrolment 4 times a year with 4 modules plus 2 live calls (with me) over 6 weeks. The course is more about curating your career and being deliberate in the way you make decisions and live your life.

What happens if I change my mind?

Firstly, don’t do that to yourself. You deserve better than to panic and back away. Let’s find your gold. I know it’s there, you do too.

Officially, once-off 60-minute coaching calls are only refunded if you cancel 24+hours before the call. If you purchased the 6-week coaching package and following the first session, feel working with me is not for you, I’ll process a refund minus $300. Please request to cancel within 24 hours of that first call in writing to, and I’ll respond within 2 business days to let you know your refund has been approved. Once approved, an electronic refund will be issued (minus the $300) within 14 working days from the date of approval.

At all times I will abide by the Australian Consumer Law in relation to any guarantees for my services.

I’m not sure, can I connect with you?

You absolutely can. Simply send me an email hello@dinnerforbreakfast.com.au

Got a conundrum? Submit it here and it might  be answered on the Dinner for Breakfast facebook page.

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