Meet Dr Katy Abbott

Meet Dr Katy Abbott #theartistsmentor


Composer | Educator | #theartistsmentor


Dear Katy,
What’s this thing you have about inklings then?

Dear Reader,

Anything significant from my career always started with an inkling, including composing (from scratch) at age 27. I have a knack for turning that gentle breeze of an idea you can’t yet wrap words around into the directional something that materialises your creative pursuits.

Also, how delicious is the word “inkling”?

Love, Katy

Dear Katy,
What do you actually do?

Dear Reader,

That’s a very broad question for someone who does so much, but really it distils down to this: 

I shine a light on your conundrums, help you identify and remove obstacles to success, and then work with you to implement all the good things that will get your seedling ideas growing into exactly what you envisioned.

In other words, I support creative people to build a joyful and vibrant career which has momentum, impact and is aligned with who you are.

I’m the artists mentor with a potful of professional accomplishments in tow including BEducation, Master of Music, and a PhD Composition.

Love, Katy

Dear Katy,
Why ‘Dinner For Breakfast’?

Dear Reader,

I’m a big fan of whimsy and a bit of quirk and there’s just something offbeat about eating some lasagne or a Chicken Laksa for brekkie. It’s delicious and fun and sometimes it’s just what you need to shake things up a bit. Which is what Dinner For Breakfast is really about – flipping ideas, trying new perspectives, taking a walk on the wild side. It ups the tempo of your spirit and allows you to ‘get down’ into what really makes you tick. Only then can you truly bring your raw ideas into being.

Love, Katy

Dear Katy,
Why should I work with you?

Dear Reader,

I’m not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but given that you’re here right now, I reckon I might be yours. I’m a natural-born educator and nurturer who’s also sharp when it comes to sifting through your inklings, then transforming them into tangible initiatives. I love nothing more than delving into the core of an issue and (gently) unearthing the lively root of an idea.

I’ve danced in the realm of uncertainty my entire career—creating something from nothing, starting from an unknown and building out complex themes, sounds and ideas. I’ve made sense of nonsense and given voice to those who don’t have one.

I pluck nebulous ideas from the ether then work with their nuances at micro level.

In other words, think big, do small—I bring practicality and achievability into the creative process.

You can take a look at how we could work together here.

Love, Katy

Dear Katy,
I like the idea of what you do, but I’m not certain I’m the kind of creative you can help?

Dear Reader,

Getting to the roots of your creative core is a process. But I can assure you I’m well qualified to unearth what’s holding you back so the really good stuff is finally given air. I’m very familiar with the complexities of working with creative humans who have suppressed their inspirations for great lengths of time.

The thing is, I also know that living life behind the curtains feels safer when you’re a creative, but it’s also incredibly damaging in the long term. For you and for the world—we desperately need people like you to become the greatest expression of yourself. Consider this an investment into your driving life’s force.

Love, Katy

Dear Katy
What is it about music composition that makes Dinner for Breakfast ideal for creatives and artists?

Although my PhD was writing 2 hours of music (awesome) it also included a 40,000 word thesis (not awesome for a non-writer). In the end I loved what I wrote because I really stretched the expected ‘academic speak and style’ and wrote something true to myself. I wrote a ‘Dummies-style’ guide to composing for the solo voice—so breaking everything down for the layman is what you get with me. Getting to the heart of things. Telling the real story. My pieces are reflections of society (I have a brass ensemble piece emulating a Nespresso coffee machine for example), I write about sex and grief in classical music – unpalatable things in a palatable way.

Love, Katy

Dear Reader, why don’t you write me a letter? You can do it here. Love, Katy

Dr Katy Abbott knows a thing or two about bringing something into being from nothing. An award-winning classical composer, Katy has had her pieces performed and broadcast all over the world and operates in a realm of creating masterful compositions from nebulous complexity. She holds an MMus and PhD in Composition, plus a Bachelor’s degree in Education, and is a Senior Lecturer in Composition at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.

All that to say, she is someone who loves detail and nuance as well as the bigger picture, and is an expert in guiding others on how to transform their inkling into a successful project.

Have you got a good idea? A Dinner for Breakfast idea?

Do you want to brainstorm it?

Run your idea past Dinner For Breakfast here
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